Saturday, April 13
Gateshead, UK

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The safety screens for the bar are now in place. We should all be used to them in different places by now. They never look the best but safety of staff and customers is the most important thing. As from today (7th Aug) you can buy your drinks from the bar rather than the table service we’ve previously had.

When you are queuing please make sure you are socially distanced from both the person in front and behind you. Also now that we are going in and out of the bar more regularly please make sure you use the one way systems that are in place. Pain in the behind I know but this is what we have to do to comply with the guidance. Please still remember to leave your name and contact details every time you visit and to use the hand sanitizer provided at various point around the club.

We did mention using members discount cards again but there are two points to consider. Firstly we don’t really want the staff to have to handle multiple numbers of cards from different people unnecessarily. To do it by typing the card number in to see if a member is paid up takes too long.

However the most important aspect is the cost. We really appreciate the support we have had since reopening. The fact that the weather has been kind to us on Saturdays has been a huge bonus and there has been a good atmosphere. Members and guests can come to the club and feel safe and comfortable.

As you all know a huge part of our income is made from functions when we hire out the club for outside celebrations. We can’t do that at the moment. We also missed nearly three months of rugby Saturdays.  Because of this and because we have closed for so long our income has suffered but of course the bills still have to be paid.
So for the moment we are asking for your support by keeping the drinks prices the way they are without the members discount for the time being. We will review regularly and when we feel the time is right and things are back to as normal as they can be, we will put the scheme back into place.

I hope you all understand and thank you for your continued support.

Paddy Douglas, Chairperson