Saturday, February 24
Gateshead, UK

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Message from the Chairperson, Paddy Douglas.

Well we’ve had our first week and like most places it was quiet and uneventful. So thank you all for that.

So from Monday 13th July these are the new times and rules until the next review.

Monday to Thursday, opening times 7pm till 10pm. The lounge will be in use with social distancing, no standing and no bar service. There will be table service, maximum of four people at most tables and some with two or three. They are well marked. Obviously people from the same household can get more on a table but must ensure they do not encroach onto someone else’s space!

There will be a one way system, in the front door and out the ramp door at the bar entrance. Ladies to use the lounge toilets and gents the bar toilets.

If the lounge becomes full then you will be required to use the hall or outside with the rules there being the same as they are now.

Friday. Open at 5.30pm till 10pm. Lounge will be open with the same conditions as above.

Saturday & Sunday. 2pm till 10pm. Lounge will open at 4pm on both days with conditions same as above.

We hope that this will make it a bit easier for everyone as we try to evolve in these crazy times. If you are sick or reading rules and conditions you have no idea how sick we are of having to put them in place but it is for everyone’s safety and the well being of the club.

For future reference we are looking at having service at the bar but to do this we must have perspex screens up at the bar. We are looking at the logistics of it all so watch this space!

Last points, you are welcome to bring guests with you and we will resume member’s discount pricing as soon as we can have service at the bar.

Thanks, Paddy