Sunday, May 19
Gateshead, UK

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From Paddy Douglas – Chair

Well it has been confirmed we are going ahead with the reopening. So here are the rules.

Maximum 6 at any one table from different households with social distancing and depending on the size of the table of course!

You can have 2 households at any one table up to a maximum of 30 but again depends on the size of the tables available.

The old picnic tables a maximum of 6, the new picnic tables a maximum of 4, the long trestle tables a maximum of 6. The other tables in use will vary according to size but common sense must prevail with regards to social distancing rules.

Table service only and all must remain seated unless arriving, leaving or going to the toilet. Standing up and drinking is not permitted. Of course we will all want to say hello to people as we pass but please keep it relatively short. Masks must be worn unless seated.

You will be asked to record your name and telephone number on a slip provided with your time of arrival & departure and handed to staff on leaving.

Hand sanitisers will be provided as usual, please use. On going to the toilet please go in through one of the hall doors sign posted and back out through the porch door with the ramp.

The marquee is provided to keep us from the rain & wind. 50% of the marquee must remain open whilst we are open for business. There is no booking system in place. If the marquee is full please sit outside. If you don’t want to sit outside & the marquee is full then I am afraid we can’t accommodate you.  There may be some seating provided outside on a permanent basis but more can be provided when necessary. Please do not move tables & chairs from inside the marquee to the outside. If you need seating outside please ask the staff & it will be arranged. 

The membership cards are still not in use for discounted drinks and happy hours. This is from both a practical point of view and also costs. The good news is that there was quite a substantial increase in drinks prices in January and we will not be passing that onto members just yet. So the prices are the same as they were in 2020.

 The hire of the marquee is an expense but we thought it a sensible option with the unpredictable British weather & looking at the hailstones lashing down at the moment it is the right decision.

We are looking forward again to welcoming our members back and getting back to some sort of normality. Rugby training has started at all age groups and we look forward to actual games being played at some stage this year. Please can I ask everyone to cooperate with all the rules, as much of a pain they might be but let us not spoil it all at this late stage.

Opening times Monday to Friday 17.30 till 21.00 (last orders) vacate by 21.30. Saturday & Sunday 12.00 till 21.00 (last orders) vacate by 21.30.  

Thank you and I apologise for this long winded essay but I didn’t want to miss anything out.