Saturday, February 24
Gateshead, UK

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OPENING NEWS a message from Chair Paddy Douglas


With announcements made earlier in the week about the roadmap out of lockdown we can start to plan to reopen the club. The first date for us is 12 April 2021 where hospitality can start with service to outside spaces & beer gardens.

So we have decided that subject to government approval to the next stage we will open on 12th April. Of course April is not really summer and it can be cold & wet and whilst we are all dead keen to get out and have a pint in the company of family, friends & club members we don’t really want to sit in the rain to do it!

So we have hired a marquee to cover the terrace and the dead ball area to the rugby posts. Because of regulations it can’t be completely closed in so there will be at least ones side open. However we will be dry and will place the side on which ever direction the wind is blowing! So we will be dry & sheltered from the wind and we can all wear the appropriate clothing. The marquee will just about cover the whole length of the clubhouse on the terrace (25 x 9m) to the goal line. If that gets full then some members & guests will have to sit outside! Of course if it is warm and sunny we can sit outside of the marquee anyway. Opening times have not been decided yet.

As you can imagine marquee hire doesn’t come cheap but we felt it was important to open again as soon as we could and also say thank you to our members who have supported is through these awful times.

Of course there are rules laid down by the government and whilst we are all probably sick of them we must adhere to them and ensure we don’t get ourselves into trouble with the authorities, especially at this late stage. Quite simply maximum of 6 at one table with a maximum of 2 households at one table. Not sure about the rules on masks yet! Table Service only! 

We will utilise the different table sizes so we can maximize the seating arrangements. We will publish more on this later.

So I hope you will support us for the five weeks(hopefully no more!) that we will be outside and get the club up and running again!

Watch this space for updates nearer the time.