Sunday, May 19
Gateshead, UK

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Nominations for Officers of the Club and General Committee members

Nominations are required for Officers of the Club and General Committee members for the coming year. These will be ratified (or voted on if more than 2 nominations are received) at the AGM. As per our constitution for a Limited by Guarantee club the Officers will serve a 2 year term and GC members a 1 year term. We are now at the beginning of the 2 year cycle.
Please see attached a nomination form that states the positions to be filled except President and Senior Vice President. These are decided upon by Past Presidents. The current incumbents are Olly Gray and Anne Nunn respectively. Due to the current situation it will impossible for nominator and seconder to meet up. The club will therefore accept e-mails to I suggest the nominator send the name of the person and cc the seconder so it can be verified. Please ensure the person nominated is in agreement. Deadline for nominations is 1st June 2020.
Due to the current restrictions it is my intention to delay the Annual General Meeting until later in the summer, as and when restrictions are lifted, and suitable notice will be given.