Saturday, February 24
Gateshead, UK

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New Regulations from Monday 14th Sept 2020

Well now it is not a case of an individual’s interpretation of government advice about what you can and can’t do with respect to numbers and households and social distancing. It is now law!
So as from Monday you cannot have more than six people in any one party, sitting together. The number of households doesn’t count anymore. So we had a general committee meeting last night by zoom are we are doing an assessment of what we have and exactly how we will ensure we obey the law.
Most of our tables in the lounge don’t hold six anyway so we will be looking at stating exactly how many people can sit at each table. If the lounge is full then we have plenty of room in the bar & hall and the same exercise is done there so there is no doubt as to the maximum seated at each table.
It is also a requirement of law now that everyone leaves their name and contact details. Rather than on a general signing in form this will be done on an individual table basis.
So once the risk assessment has been done we will announce exactly how it is going to happen.
Whilst it may makes things a little more difficult there is still no reason why we cannot still enjoy our club and support one another through this strange time but it needs everyone to be pulling in the same direction so please get on board with us in this new way of doing things!
We have shown that we reacted quickly and properly to the news that two young players were tested positive and we will refining that process too to ensure that what we do is even better.
Thank you for your continued support.
General Committee