Membership Categories and Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due by September 1st each year
CATEGORY OF MEMBERSHIP With email Without email
Playing (Voting) Member £96 £98
Playing (Voting) Member under 23 years £48 £50
Full (Voting) Member £40 £42
Senior Full (Voting) Member (65 years and over) £20 £22
Social Member (18 years and over) £8 £10
Youth Member (non-player) £1 £1
Playing Member under 18 years Contact Age Grade section
Season Ticket to watch all home games £30
Season Ticket to watch all home games (65 years and over) £15

Subscriptions for 2021-2022

Due to increased administration costs the General Committee made the decision that the Club will charge a £2 administration fee to members who do not provide their email address.


Online Subscriptions

This year we are offering the option to open your own online Club account and pay your subscriptions via direct bank transfer. We are encouraging members to do so.

Please the help page below to set up your account.

Help Page For Online Subscriptions


New Membership Applications

We now have an online form for new membership applications. Please complete the online form and we will be in touch. Your application will be considered by the General Committee which usually meets on a monthly basis, successful applicants will be contacted shortly after that meeting.

Apply Online


Traditional Method

The original Application and Renewals Form may still be downloaded from the Club website and printed. However we strongly encourage members to go digital. This will really help reduce the time spent on administration.

GRFC membership Application_Renewal Form 2021-06



The Club Constitution and By-laws, Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice and data management arrangements (to comply with GDPR), are available on club notice boards or for your own copy please request by emailing the Club Secretary using

Carol Candlish (Membership Secretary) may be contacted using the Contact Form on this site or via email to