Wednesday, April 17
Gateshead, UK

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A message from Chair Paddy Douglas….

In case members are wondering what has happened to the use of the membership discount cards. Well as you know they are used by swiping them on the till so involved member to staff handling which was not appropriate over the last 18 months or so. That really hasn’t changed so we have made a decision to continue as we are and have no member discount on drinks. If we continue our ‘freedom’ & don’t go back into lockdown/restrictions we intend to bring it back in on 1st January. The good news is that the costs of drinks for the club to buy have gone up twice in the last year & we have not passed that on to our members & our prices have been the same for nearly 2 years. This of course can’t be for too long so the cost of drinks increasing & the membership discount scheme are  likely to happen at the same time unless there is another increase before then so members should not be effected too much. Thank you for your continued support.