Saturday, February 24
Gateshead, UK

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Crowdfunder Campaign Launch

Launching our Crowdfunder Campaign: Community Unity Help Fund Our Future

Our campaign aims to:

  • Make us Rugby Ready for 2021 enabling us to play matches at all levels as early as January, or as soon as RFU and Government allow.
  • Covid-proof our changing rooms, toilets and after-match areas to keep everyone safe, with the implementation of one-way systems, social distancing and sanitising stations.
  • Fund essential repairs to our changing rooms.
  • Continue to develop our fledgling women’s squad. They need kit!

We also want to ensure viability of the Club in 2021 and beyond. The loss of our usual big money raising events such as the beer festival has hit us hard. This Crowdfunder campaign will help to bridge the gap until these are allowed again.

How does this work? 

Crowdfunder works by taking ‘donations’ or ‘pledges’ until we reach our target. If we do not reach the target we will not receive any money.  Your money is taken only when the target is reached. 

To play your part go to our page at Crowdfunder where you will have two options: –

  1. Donate a sum of money. Every little helps; please give whatever you can
  2. Pledge a sum of money against one of our Rewards. We have lots to choose from: meals out, bottles of spirits, bobble hats. Like the traditional Christmas Draw, the ‘Rewards’ have been generously donated by club members, friends and local businesses [we can add more ‘Rewards‘ during the campaign, if you have something suitable please get in touch].

Go to Crowdfunder

The campaign will run for 4 weeks and ends on 19 January 2021. Please help your club by spreading the word; sharing on social media; and most importantly making a donation or a pledge.