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Gateshead, UK

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Club Statement and Conditions of Entry from 4th July 2020

As from the 4th July 2020 the club will reopen with reduced capacity. Only the hall and limited outdoor areas will be open. The lounge will be used for staff only. We will be putting in place very strict operating conditions over and above the standard government guidelines.  We will be operating a zero tolerance approach. We make no apologies for this as safety of staff, volunteers, customers and our residents is paramount and failure to comply may result in you being asked to leave. We will be monitored by the Licensing Authority and Environmental Health. We have good relationships with these bodies and we want to keep it that way. That said I’m sure you will all respect the staff and General Committee members who have worked hard to ensure your visit to the club is as enjoyable as it can be in these unprecedented times. This is new to all of us. The processes we have implemented are based upon the most recent government and local authority guidelines and as such will be reviewed as and when policy and advice changes occur, please work with us to ensure the very best experience for our members and staff.

As we have been instructed to have a maximum capacity, if that then is reached we may have to refuse entry even if you are a member. We are not sure what the capacity is yet as like everything else we are learning as we go. Please don’t be offended if this happens to you.

Revised Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 9.30pm

Conditions of Entry from 4th July 2020

Members only

Members may be accompanied by non-members of close family (partner, children etc.) if they live in the same household

You cannot bring your own alcohol, food, seats or rugs into the premises

The only accessible areas are the main hall, the paved patio area and the grass behind the posts nearest the club (dead ball area). The pitches are currently out bounds. The Lounge will be closed for Staff only

All patrons must be seated. No standing or circulating between tables is permitted. Chairs and tables have been positioned in accordance with guidelines and cannot be moved from the position they are in

Parents will be responsible for ensuring their children’s social distancing compliance as per the latest guidance

A strict one way system will be in place

Door staff will ask if you are a member at the gate. It would help if you bring your membership card. You will be directed to a sanitizing station where you must sanitise your hands and familiarise yourself with the one way system and other safety information

Membership will be checked by a Duty Officer and contact details of each entrant must be provided. Phone number and e-mail (if you have one)

You will be shown to a numbered table where you must remain for your entire stay. If outside and the weather is inclement we cannot guarantee you will be able to move inside

According to Government guidelines two households can be seated indoors together and 6 individuals can be seated outside

Your drinks order will be taken by staff and delivered to your table on a tray. A ‘landing’ area for the tray is encouraged so you can then take your own drink. Contactless payment is strongly encouraged. Member discount will not be applied. No need for bar cards to be presented

Do not order from the bar

Drinks will only be served in plastic glasses. When finished you will dispose of them yourself in the bins provided and then reorder from the staff

Bar snacks and cold wrapped sandwiches may be available but no hot food will be served

The route to the toilets will be strictly one way. Please follow the signs

General Notes.

All tables and chairs will be cleaned in between customers. There will be sanitiser stations throughout the club. Please observe social distancing when entering, leaving and going to the toilet. Please raise any concerns immediately with a staff member. The frequency of toilet cleaning will be increased so please be patient. The unisex accessible toilet maybe used.

Thank you – General Committee –Gateshead RFC