Saturday, February 24
Gateshead, UK

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Further to my notice a couple of weeks ago regarding our carols in the bar. I did consider cancelling it with everything that is going on but have decided against it!

What we will do is move it into the hall where we can have much more space and spread out and can ventilate the hall as well.

I believe people have to make their own choices at the moment about their safety and what they want to do. So I am happy to come along and play the piano for anyone who wants to turn up and sing carols & Christmas songs.

As I said we can be well spaced out in the hall and if people feel they need to wear a mask please don’t be embarrassed. We sing in church on a Sunday wearing masks and it is OK.

So the choice is up to the members and their guests whether or not they wish to attend. It will be starting at about 21.30 to 21.45

Merry Christmas to everyone,

Paddy Douglas – Chair