Beer Festival Entry Policy

Gateshead Beer & Music / Gateshead Summerfest Entry Policies

(Please read prior to purchasing Gateshead Beer & Music / Gateshead Summerfest)

We work hard to provide a community environment for all to enjoy. However, for several reasons, we are restricting the number of under 18’s an adult can accompany into the Gateshead Summerfest & Gateshead Beer & Music Festival.

We respectfully ask that *only your own children attend the festival with you*, ‘vouching’ for a friend of your child will not be permitted, as we are limiting the number of under 18’s attending.

For future festivals we are running a new ‘wrist bands’ for all policy.

Over 18’s

In line with our Challenge 25 policy, if you’re lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked for ID at the gate, where it will be checked prior to entry.

As part of our Challenge 25 scheme, we only accept a valid driving licence or passport as proof of identification. The festival reserves the right to refuse entry.

All over 18’s will be issued a wrist band. Wrist bands are to be worn at all times – it’s your proof of entry and you will need it to be served at the bar –

‘no wrist band = no serve’ at the bar.

Accompanied children/under 18’s

Your child will be signed in at the gate and issued with a wrist band. Wrist bands are to be worn at all times.

Any under 18’s who do not have a wrist band will have their names checked against the sign-in sheet and may be asked to leave by our security staff if proof of entry isn’t found.

Please advise our security staff if you have any issues with your wrist band.

If you purchase a ticket online and your ID does not meet the security staff requirements, entry will not be permitted and there will be no refunds. Please do not purchase tickets for anyone under 18yrs, as entry will not be permitted, nor refunds issued

Sorry to bring the mood down with all the rules, we thank you in advance for your support in ensuring this year’s Festival has the same laid back family friendly vibe we are all used to. See you Soon!