Monday, April 22
Gateshead, UK

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Adult and Age Grade Rugby Updates

Update on adult league rugby from the RFU

We are at Stage B on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap. We have to reach Stage F (which will not be reached until at least four weeks after Stage E) before full contact competitive league rugby can commence. As a result of the current position, the adult league season (Level 3 & below for men, Level 2 & below for women) will not commence in September. Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the prevalence of the virus in the community, the next announcement about when league rugby will commence for these levels will be on 1 September. The fixtures previously published will be amended at the earliest opportunity and this will be communicated to clubs.

Update on age grade – national competitions

In line with the announcement about adult league rugby, there will be no age grade national competition matches in September. A further announcement will be made on 1 September.