Wednesday, November 29
Gateshead, UK

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2020 AGM

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held via Zoom video conferencing on 10th November 2020 at 18.30 hrs. We acknowledge that this isn’t the best way but with the current restrictions and the uncertainty of what may happen in the future, this is the next best alternative. To assist in the organising of this and to ensure we achieve the numbers for a quorum could you please confirm your attendance with me at I will then send you the link for the AGM meeting and any other documents.


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Consideration of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 11th July 2019
  3. Opening remarks from the President.
  4. Secretary’s report.
  5. Treasurer’s report and presentation of accounts. **
  6. Senior Rugby summary
  7. Youth and Girls Rugby summary
  8. Removing the Country Membership category and replacing it with Social Member.

Following RFU advice we incorporated as a Limited Company with voting members (full and playing members) and non-voting members (social and county). In the Club Constitution there is no difference between social and country members and General Committee suggest that these two categories be merged as Social Members.

  1. Election of Patron – The General Committee propose the re-election of Malcolm Scott
  2. Election of Officers of the Club (two year term as per the Constitution)
Position Nominee Proposer Seconder
President Olly Gray * *
Snr. Vice President Anne Nunn * *
Chairperson Paddy Douglas Harry Grey Steven Havery
Vice Chairperson Steven Havery Harry Grey Carol Candlish
Secretary Harry Grey Dave Thompson Paddy Douglas
Treasurer Dave Thompson Harry Grey John Davison
Chairperson of Rugby Paul Cooper Harry Grey Andy Craig
Captain of Club David Tate Jnr Harry Grey Paul Harvey
Membership Secretary Carol Candlish Harry Grey Fiona Rogerson
Fixture Secretary John Davison Harry Grey Phil Walton
Team Secretary Andy Craig Harry Grey Dale Costello
Chairperson of Youth Rugby Paul Harvey Harry Grey Brian Durham
County Representative Steven Havery Harry Grey Christopher Telfer
Safeguarding Officer Phil Walton Harry Grey Philip Rowell

* Not Required – Selected by Past Presidents

  1. Election of remaining General Committee positions (one year term as per the constitution)


Nominee Proposer Seconder
Martyn Dent Harry Grey Paddy Douglas
Christopher Telfer Harry Grey Steven Havery
David Tate Snr Harry Grey Olly Gray
Dale Costello Harry Grey Dave Thompson
Brian Durham Harry Grey Paul Cooper
Fiona Rogerson Harry Grey David Tate Jnr
Philip Rowell Harry Grey Carol Candlish


  1. Election of Captains and Vice Captains.
Position Nominee Proposer Seconder
1XV Captain Ross Craig GC
2XV Captain Tony Kennedy GC
3XV Captain Drew Carr GC


No nominations have been received for Vice Captains.

  1. Election of House Committee.
  2. Appointment of Auditor – The General Committee propose the appointment of Ryecroft Glenton, Chartered Accountants.
  3. Any Other Business.


**Copies available by request from


Harry Grey

Honorary Secretary

Oct 2020