Saturday, February 24
Gateshead, UK

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A message from the Chair Paddy Douglas

Well next Monday was supposed to be freedom day but it certainly doesn’t feel like it to me. The government have relaxed all the rules that were law from the 19 July but recommend as guidance that you follow just about all of them after the 19 July . This of course is just about impossible to do!

Some people are still very nervous about it all and especially at the rate of infection in the area at the moment!

So from Monday there will no longer be table service and you must go to the bar to purchase your drinks. After doing this we would encourage you to move away from the bar and take a seat and of course there are no longer restrictions on who you sit with and how many although we are asked to bear in mind social distancing.

There will be no sitting at the bar and we would ask you to move away from the bar once you have been served so we do not have crowds at the bar.

The staff are still likely to wear masks for their protection and this is why we would ask that you do not crowd around the bar as well.

It makes sense at the moment to still be seated although there is no requirement in law to do this and you can from table to table if you wish.

If we are watching a match on the TV and there are no seats left then standing is inevitable.

The Covid app is still available to check in with but this is purely voluntary.

The government have asked the British Public to use their common sense! All we ask is that you have consideration for other members and guests.